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toque-me* [touch me/ring]


Eduardo Salvino e OSNÁUTICOS at FUNARTE, Brasília

See the original portuguese text here.

* “toque-me” literally means touch me. “Tocar” means to touch but it is also a wordplay, since the verb to ring is also “tocar” in Portuguese (as in a ringing phone).


Memory trails glimpse the walk of passers-by. Among the numerous voices of our unconscious, one of them makes the telephone ring. It’s a machine, a subject, a speech that swathes us. In the crossroads of the journey, such voice fills up the landscape through orality: words pulse waiting for the touch triggered by the affection of each individual.

Like an oracle, these voices emanate a reflection on the contemporary life, relationships, living together, the present time… The whisper of these longings is summoned by toque-me, a site-specific work that consists of two public phones installed in the Funarte Marquise. However, this artistic proposal by Eduardo Salvino & OSNÁUTICOS only occurs through the passers-by interaction. By answering the phone, the audience is involved by the poems of Alex Dias and Francesca Cricelli. We could say that toque-me is a clairvoyant machine, insofar as these voices permeate relations that overlap chance and subjectivity.

The “visions” of toque-me are also built through a collaborative process with the local public, through stories and life experiences in the city of Brasilia. Through a workshop on poetry creation, the artists invited the public to create and perform their own poems, which are also made available in the public phones. Here the terms artist, artwork and audience are mixed up, articulating a network of propositions through a “communicational machine” that has once been part of everyday life.

The public phone is stripped from its oracle authority and becomes a listening interface to a collective record. The words are no longer conjugated as verbs in the imperative form, they now encircle the steps of the pedestrians. The voices occupy the city with the desire to embrace their public. At the same time, they emerge, multiple and subjective, seeking an identification. In this way, they move around in the dimness of imagery seeking what was waiting to be, simply, touched.


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